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Import & Export Trade Agency

What is the foreign trade logistics integration service


At present, many service providers integrates a variety of service types. Because a single product is often not enough to meet customer needs. In the same way, a single service business is sometimes not competitive in the market.

A hotel not only provides accommodation services, but also catering services, conference services, entertainment services, fitness services, ticketing services and other services.
Service integration and the implementation of diversified service business are not limited to the integration of internal resources of the enterprise, but also include the integration of industrial resources through breaking through the service boundary of the enterprise.

The integration of foreign trade logistics services is based on customers according to their diversified choices and to integrate and optimize services like Logistics, Customs Broker, Service Agency and Overseas port yard and Agent.

Service integration is not a simple "centralized packaging" of service content, but to provide customers with the best solution in the way of service integration: save time, save money and delivery in safety.


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